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Modern Wood Burning Stoves

If you do not own a wood burning stove, one of the reasons may be because you thought that they were something that were only used in the past but, if so you are somewhat mistaken. It is true to say that wood burning stoves were used in times gone past but they still remain popular today, even in Europe. You will find wood burning stoves middlesbrough 2015 or anywhere else in Europe and their sales are perhaps on the increase, not the decline as they continue to become more and more efficient for proving hot water and heat. There is probably no country in Europe where the wood burning stoves are more popular than in Italy where 30% of all homes are thought to have them, that is over 5 million of these types of stove in Italy alone. The modern stoves are of course based on the same principle as the older stoves such as the famous Franklin stove which was designed by Benjamin Franklin but just as his stove was improved on by Carl Johan Cronstedt and became 8 times more efficient, improvements continue to happen. Much of the time these improvements have to do with the type of dampers that are used. The dampers are what control the air flow to the stove and so by increasing the air flow, you allow the fire more oxygen, raising the temperature whilst reducing the air flow you ‘dampen’ the temperature by reducing the amount of oxygen the fire needs to breath.

However, most of the modern wood burning stoves are still made from caste iron, except perhaps for some places in the 3rd world. In the 3rd world there are still a great many people that use open fires inside their homes to provide warmth for their families but unfortunately, according to a study by the World Health Organization, more than 2 million people die each year, mainly women and children, because not enough ventilation is allowed for these open fires and the build-up of fumes and smoke, lead to these deaths. The releasing of the results of the study have prompted some NGOs like Rotary International and charities, to start providing wood burning stoves to some of the homes that still have to rely on open fires for warmth. Due to the locations of some of these homes, these organizations have replaced the caste iron used for making the stoves with adobe but otherwise maintaining the efficiency that modern stoves can provide.

Although called wood burning stoves because they do burn wood, that wood, in Europe at least, is in the form of wooden pellets but many of the more modern stoves can easily be adapted to also burn coal or even peat, something that may be beneficial, depending on exactly where it is your home is located. So, although you may have thought wood burning stoves were only part of our history, they are still well established in our present times and probably will be into our future.

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